Copy & Paste Between Scenarios
You’ve built the perfect immersive experience. Now you can reuse it.

Introducing Clips!

Once you create and set up the perfect scene, just package your objects and resources into a reusable Clip.

Save a Clip.

Save a portion of your scenario to the new Clips tab of the media library. Then reuse it and modify it in as many scenarios as you would like.
Use a Clip.
Simply insert your clip into any scenario.

Share a Clip.
Export a clip to your local machine and share it with your team.
Copy & Paste Between Scenarios

Simply copy a set of objects, then paste into a new scenario. All the actions, resources, and variables copy over seamlessly. VIEW SHORT VIDEO
NEW! Desktop Touch for Published Content

Now you can use your fingers to navigate the 360-degree environment on an iPad in Desktop mode, or a touchscreen laptop or surface device.
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