Heads Up! New Features Are Live.
Fixed Position, Timers, & New Actions
New! Fixed Position
Have you ever wanted to put a heads up display in your content? Now it's easy! Just mark any object as Fixed, and it will stay in that position no matter which way you turn. Fixed objects are on a flat plane in the user's field of view in each device.
New! Timers
You can now add a timer to any scene with options for display type, count up, or count down. Plus, you can even trigger actions when the time is done!

New Actions
In addition to the Play and Stop actions for Audio and Video, there is now a new Pause action, which does not reset the media time.
All three actions (Play, Stop, and Pause) also work with the new Timer object. Plus, there is a new Set Time action that allows you to adjust the time for Audio, Video and Timer Objects.
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